Auer Business – i förändring och tillväxt

Alla företag behöver förändras då och då. I den processen är det tryggt att anlita en utomstående specialist. Jag, Peter Auer, har under min långa erfarenhet från affärsverksamhet i multinationella bolag hittat de nycklar som leder till framgång i de flesta branscher. Står du i fas att implementera ett nytt affärssystem, omstrukturera eller avknoppa? Behöver du tillfälligt stöd på ekonomiavdelningen? Läs mer om hur jag kan hjälpa dig!

Auer Business Branscherfarenheter

”Peter did an exceptional job on the recent system implementation project, Peter is not only a highly motivated and experienced CFO but also an inspiring strategist. Working with Peter I found him as a person with great expertise and deep wisdom of modern business solutions. His open-minded approach could not be overestimated and he sees solutions instead of problems. I can highly recommend working with him.”
Magda Kotarba, Veolia Water Inc
”Experienced executive in financial matters at national and international level, Peter always shows a dedicated focus on business outcome. Peter has been involved as financial manager in various environmental projects in the Nordics and I always enjoyed his motivation to address all key aspects of business challenges, bringing his valuable enthusiasm and creativity. Beyond his professional skills, Peter contributes to create an excellent team spirit. Peter is for me a true asset for any company to successfully turn around challenging situations and businesses.”
Jean Bernard Salvan, General Manager, Lorevi